3rd Anniversary

When we were young and in love
When we were young and in love

Today, March 19, 2009, David and I celebrate 3 years married.  People keep saying that it’s our last anniversary sans children, but if you’ve seen my belly lately, you know that’s not true.  LAST YEAR’s was our last anniversary sans children.  It’s not like we can go out and party now.  We’ll have more fun next year when we can get a babysitter and TRULY be sans kids, at least for one night.  Tonight, we are celebrating in a mellow way, staying in.  My friend Amy is visiting from Seattle, and she’s cooking us dinner, which is AWESOME.

A quick note on 3 years…they’ve been full, exciting, and even with all the hard times, the best years ever.  I won’t take too much time to get all mushy here, but being married – to David, specifically – is truly the best thing in the whole world, the best thing in my life, the best…ever.  We are truly lucky and blessed to have found each other.

Love you the most, Barach.

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  1. Happy Anniversary! Wow, three years…time flies when you are having fun!
    Hope you have an easy birth and all should be well and healthy!
    Love from all
    The Gorens

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