Rachel in San Diego

David is still in Richmond, hopefully wrapping up business there so he can come back and join me in San Diego soon. We’ve been apart two weeks so far, and it’s torture. San Diego is great – the weather’s nice, my job is going well, our apartment is lovely – but it won’t be home until David is here with me permanently.

Below is a picture of the view from our apartment. That’s water way in the background – there are peekaboo views of the bay… Come visit anytime and have a glass of wine with me on the deck!

David in Richmond

Sadly, David had to leave Rachel in San Diego and go back to Richmond to finish closing down the mill. David hopes to be done with all that by the end of March and be reunited with Rachel. This means that we’re going to be spending our second wedding anniversary apart, and we’re both very sad about that, but it’ll be worth it.

In the event that we get a contract on our house in Richmond before David is ready to leave, he’ll pack up the stuff we’ve left in the house for staging it for sale (the artwork, the rest of the dishes, some of the furniture, etc.) and move it to San Diego. If not, he’ll have to go back to Richmond again when the house is under contract and do it then.

We’ve Arrived

We’ve moved into our apartment in San Diego and bought a few things at IKEA to tide us over until I move the rest of what we’re moving from Richmond. The apartment is great, it’s right downtown on the corner of Fifth and Broadway, and we have a great big deck for grilling and chilling. The view from our deck is amazing, we can see all of downtown, Petco Park (the baseball stadium), the bay, the ocean, the mountains, and the Mexican Coronado Islands. It’s not quite home yet, but it’s getting there.

Back to San Diego

We’ve decided that it’s time for us to move back to San Diego. Rachel got a great job offer just three weeks ago – it’s been a complete whirlwind and we’re already packing up and saying good-bye as we prepared to drive across the country. ┬áIt’s a really amazing opportunity for us to get back to the left coast, which is really home for us, close to Rachel’s family, good friends etc.We’ve only been in Richmond 2 years, but the project Rachel was brought here to work on has been completed successfully, and my professional time here was a disaster.

We’re really sad to be leaving our great friends and neighbors, but we’re ready for the next adventure. Rachel got a great job in San Diego in a senior position at a top 50 advertising agency. I’m not entirely sure what I’ll be doing, but I might work at least part time with my friend Jamie on some of her projects.