Official Due Date

Lots of people have been asking, so a quick post about when I’m due…

My official due date (40 weeks from LMP for those counting) is April 30 or April 28, depending on if you’re asking the doctor or me.  (I’m pretty sure I know when they were conceived…and if I’m right, it’s April 28.  But 2 days diff…who cares?!)  I’m 35 weeks pregnant this week.  So technically, I still have 5 weeks to go.

But twins typically come early.  I read somewhere that twins are considered full term at 37 weeks.  So, really, the babies could come any time.  I’d like them to stay baking a little bit longer…but I’m also so huge and uncomfortable…

Bottom line, we’re hanging in there as long as we possibly can, and we’ll keep you all posted.  But don’t worry if we haven’t announced babies before the middle or end of April.  It just means we’re REALLY hanging in there…

3rd Anniversary

When we were young and in love
When we were young and in love

Today, March 19, 2009, David and I celebrate 3 years married.  People keep saying that it’s our last anniversary sans children, but if you’ve seen my belly lately, you know that’s not true.  LAST YEAR’s was our last anniversary sans children.  It’s not like we can go out and party now.  We’ll have more fun next year when we can get a babysitter and TRULY be sans kids, at least for one night.  Tonight, we are celebrating in a mellow way, staying in.  My friend Amy is visiting from Seattle, and she’s cooking us dinner, which is AWESOME.

A quick note on 3 years…they’ve been full, exciting, and even with all the hard times, the best years ever.  I won’t take too much time to get all mushy here, but being married – to David, specifically – is truly the best thing in the whole world, the best thing in my life, the best…ever.  We are truly lucky and blessed to have found each other.

Love you the most, Barach.

St. Patrick’s Day Ultrasound

He looks like his father
He looks like his father

Yesterday, David and I went to our 3rd ultrasound. It’ll probably be the last one until I arrive at the hospital for delivery. Here are the stats:

Baby A – measuring approximately 4 lbs 10 oz.
Baby B – measuring approximately 5 lbs 1 oz.

They are both right on track at 34 weeks in terms of growth – I am 34 weeks pregnant as of today. And they are symmetrical – both about the same size, which is good. So…all is well. And I’m carrying around two 5-pounders! No wonder I’m so enormous and tired and hungry all the time.

We got a good little profile picture of Baby B…he has David’s nose.

Fun Party

Big hearty thanks go out to our friends and family who attended (and/or called, texted, were thinking about us…) this weekend at our little baby shower/housewarming/reunion party.  I don’t know about the rest of you, but David and I had a blast.  We were so glad to see/hear from all of you, and we are truly blessed and grateful for all the amazing loot.  From our hearts, thank you all so very much.  We love you.

A Shout-out to the Sibs

Everyone but Timmy...where's Tim?
Everyone but Timmy...where's Tim?
Oh, there he is!
Oh, there he is!

Hiya – Rachel here.  I’ve been meaning to write a quick post for some time to formally and publicly thank my siblings and tell them how much I love them.  For those of you who don’t know, I happen to have the greatest family of all time.  Rockin’ parents, and six bros and sissies who are all great friends of mine.  Plus, now that we’ve started adding in-laws (Steve and David, so far…), it’s only getting better.  Even as kids, we always got along remarkably well…now that we’ve grown up, we’re even better friends, and we love spending time together.  Sounds nerdy, right?  But it’s soooooo cool.

The latest and greatest is that my crazy sibs all got together, pooled their money, and bought David and me a sweet video camera.  Now, I know this gift was a little bit for them…they want us to be thorough in our documenting of the growth of our baby boys so that, even when far away, they can keep tabs.  But how cool is that?!?  Six adult brothers and sisters who have both the wherewithal to organize themselves into a gift-giving unit, as well as the desire to bestow lovely gifts on their other sibs.

Am I crazy, or is that just a hugely cool blessing??

So – a shout-out to the Hornor kids.  I feel so immensely blessed, grateful, overjoyed, and undeserving to call you my bros and hos, and I LOVE LOVE LOVE that you’re all going to be aunties and uncles very soon.  Thank you for loving David and me, thank you for your kindness, to me and to each other, thank you for being your very weird and lovely selves.  And thank you for the kick-ass video camera.  We promise to send you videos of every little thing our sons do until you get bored to tears.  And we promise to try to raise our kids to follow in your footsteps, being good to one another, good friends, all their lives.  They should be so lucky.

The Legacy of Grandpa Hornor

Gma and Gpa Hornor at our wedding in 2006
Gma and Gpa Hornor at our wedding in 2006

This past Friday night, around 10pm Pacific time, our beloved Grandpa Carl Edwin ‘Bud’ Hornor passed peacefully away, and joined his precious wife of 64 years, Katye, who passed away two years ago, on the other side.

It’s hard for me to know where to start in talking about what Gpa meant to me, to us.  More than just being the beloved patriarch of a grand family, he was an amazing man.  He married his teenage sweetheart, fought in two wars, helped raise 6 kids…  He was a lover of literature and music, of culture and history, of sports, and of his family.  As he and Gma got a little older and retired, they traveled the world, bird-watched in the mountains around Santa Cruz, and celebrated as their family grew to include more and more grandchildren and great-grandchildren.

But beyond their list of accomplishments, more important than the things Gma and Gpa did, is the long and beautiful list of things they represented, believed in, and passed on to all of us.  When my brother Tim and I went backpacking for a few days with Gpa in the Sierra Nevadas, we learned from him how to appreciate nature & wildlife, roughing it, cold baths in mountain lakes, and Spam.  When we listened to old Smothers Brothers albums with Gma and Gpa in the amazing home they built together in Bonny Doon, we learned about humor, both subtle and not so…  When Gma cooked, and how she cooked!, we ate and ate, and learned how to commune around the dinner table, how to cook for mobs, and how to throw together feasts from whatever was left over in the fridge.  When Gpa made each of us “inspiration” tapes full of amazing music from the classical greats, we were reminded to continue practicing our instruments and pursuing passionate performances of our own.  When Gpa popped fried octopus down his gullet with ease (usually chased with his beloved buttermilk), we were taught to eat with abandon, to try anything once. As Gma and Gpa aged so gracefully, loving each other and their enormous family, we learned to appreciate every opportunity we had to get together with them, with everyone, to laugh, play, sleep all together in often very close quarters, to never play boys v. girls in Trivial Pursuit, to tease each other mercilessly (what was up with those crazy singing boxer shorts, Steve?) and always with love – to be friends with our family, above all.  Every new addition to the family was always family – from the start, no questions asked, unconditionally.

Gma and Gpa taught us to live well, to work hard, to be our best, to accept and love everyone around us, to embrace every opportunity, and everyone, with passion and peace.  They taught us not by telling us – but by exemplifying that behavior in every day life.  They lived it, and now, it’s our turn.

We miss the heck out of both of them.  But the baton has been passed.  In honor of Gma and Gpa, we must choose to live fully and passionately, and pass these values on to our children.  I wish our yet-to-be-born twins could have known their great-grandparents personally.  But I have confidence that, even without meeting them, our kids will know them by the way we now choose to live and love.  That legacy will go on for many generations.

Yes – we’re pregnant

Looks to me like David jumped right into the “We’re having twins!” news, without first breaking the news that we were pregnant at all.  The truth is, I’m in a bit of shock, still…and I’m still processing it all.  But it goes something like this.

We’re having a baby.



We’re having two babies.


Really?  Twins?  OMG, are you serious?  Really?



And then follows a little bit of peace.  We’re having twins, and it’ll be great.  They’re our first, so we won’t know any different, right?  It all be business as usual for us.  People do this all the time.

And then, finally, the blessed excitement.  We’re having twins!  Two little ones coming into the world at once!  (Which means, if all goes well, maybe I’ll only have to be pregnant once.)  Two little bundles of Rachelness-combined-with-Davidness.  It’s just the coolest thing EVER!  I can’t even believe it.  We made these little growing human blobs in my belly, and I absolutely can’t wait to meet them, and hold them, and watch them learn and grow and smile and become…well…whatever it is they are meant to become.  It’s just so beautiful I can hardly stand it.

Pregnancy so far has been pretty easy, as far as I can tell.  I’ve had only mild morning sickness, and the fatigue has so far been mostly bearable.  I do try to get home from work every day at lunch to take a short nap – it helps a lot.  And on weekends, I’ve been known to sleep in quite late.  But that’s all pretty much par for the course, I hear.  AND, I get to eat like crazy.  It’s like a dream.  Full fat ice cream.  Extra helpings of mac and cheese.  Steaks whenever I want.  (And can afford.)  And no one even looks at me twice.  I mean, no one who knows I’m pregnant.

So…here we go.  Ready or not, this is gonna be the ride of our lives.