Back to San Diego

We’ve decided that it’s time for us to move back to San Diego. Rachel got a great job offer just three weeks ago – it’s been a complete whirlwind and we’re already packing up and saying good-bye as we prepared to drive across the country. ┬áIt’s a really amazing opportunity for us to get back to the left coast, which is really home for us, close to Rachel’s family, good friends etc.We’ve only been in Richmond 2 years, but the project Rachel was brought here to work on has been completed successfully, and my professional time here was a disaster.

We’re really sad to be leaving our great friends and neighbors, but we’re ready for the next adventure. Rachel got a great job in San Diego in a senior position at a top 50 advertising agency. I’m not entirely sure what I’ll be doing, but I might work at least part time with my friend Jamie on some of her projects.

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