First Visit to the Zoo

Today was a beautiful, 72 degree December day in San Diego and we took the boys to the San Diego Zoo for the first time. To be honest, it was much more about me wanting to get out and go to the zoo, since they really have no idea where they are. Rachel and I love the zoo. We’ve been many many times, but each time there is something new. Today we saw a monkey hanging out on top of a hippo. The kids were more interested in their chew toys teething rings than the animals, but we all had a great time being outside and visiting a beautiful place on a warm sunny day.

What Snowstorm?

2 thoughts on “First Visit to the Zoo”

  1. I remember my visit there and what a good time I had…must be twice as nice with two cute baby boys. Going to the zoo was one of the best times ever…I love San Diego, I loved the zoo and love you guys.

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