Gene Fogel

Our dear cousin Gene died last month from a heart attack. He was only 72—at least I think he was. Who could be sure when he was so secretive about it. Rachel and I both loved him a great deal and it hurts to have him gone. I only got to know Gene in 1999 when I was living in DC. We had a running joke, about how we never would have gotten close had my mom not forgotten to invite him to my first wedding. We made it up to each other at my second (and final) wedding to Rachel when he and my cousin Eileen walked me down the aisle. I joked that he was filling in as my father, and so I made a point to call him on Father’s Day ever since. He didn’t have any children of his own, although his sister Judy’s kids adored him and he loved them like they were his own.

Rachel and Gene hit it off immediately when they met and loved each other very much. We have decided that if we ever have children, that we will name a boy after Gene and make sure that he knows who he was named after — we would be thrilled if he ended up like his namesake.

I miss him so much.

If you knew Gene, please share you stories in the comments. We would love to read them.

David, Judy, and Gene in Las Vegas 2004
David, Judy, and Gene in Las Vegas 2004


David and Gene at Eileen's birthday party, 2006


David and Gene at the wedding 2006

3 thoughts on “Gene Fogel”

  1. David,

    My condolences go out to you and your family. I didn’t know Gene well (we met through mutual friends here in D.C.), but enjoyed his company immensely the few times our paths crossed. I just learned of his death today. I went searching for an obituary and found your thoughtful and caring write-up. I know he’ll be missed by many.

    Bill Derrow

  2. To the family of Gene Fogel,

    I only learned this week at the AAHSA conference that Gene had passed away. I met Gene at an AAHSA conference several years ago and we discovered a mutual affection for taking the bus tours that the convention offers every day. I have only 10 years experience in the senior housing industry and Gene became my “site tour mentor”. After showing me his convention chatchkes on the bus, he introduced me to people he thought I might like to know professionally and personally, kept up an insightful, running critique as we walked around various sites, and arranged for me to visit B’nai Brith homes around the country as I traveled. I so looked forward to seeing Gene on the buses every year and really appreciated his graciousness towards me. Many at the convention expressed their sorrow at Gene’s passing. Please express my condolences to Gene’s family and friends. Carol Dmitruk

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