Goodbye San Diego, Hello Seattle

If you’re only following our blog and not Facebook, you might have missed that Rachel has a new job as the VP and GM of Bible Gateway. She was offered the job about a month ago and started last week. She’ll post more about the job when she can, but for now the main point is that the job is in Seattle. Meaning, we moved.

Yup, we moved. Again. The movers emptied our house in San Diego on Thursday and we flew up to Seattle yesterday. We’re staying in a hotel in Queen Ann for the next few days while we wait for our stuff to arrive. We have rented a nice house in West Seattle with plenty of room for guests, so let us know when you need a rain soaked, gray and chilly vacation! I know you prefer to visit us in San Diego, but we all know that it is our sunny faces that you want to visit, not the place we live, right? Right? Hello?

3 thoughts on “Goodbye San Diego, Hello Seattle”

  1. Yeah, sunny faces. Well, maybe the tykes! CONGRATS to the entire family on the move. You guys are freaking LEFT COAST globetrotters!

  2. Good luck…hope you settle in easily, find a good nanny and are both successful.
    Miss ya! A hug and kisses to all.
    Love from Saba and me.

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