Jordan’s treatment plan

Amy sent this for all who are interested in what his treatment plan looks like for the next 2 months.

Jordan will get iv chemo at home (Ara-C) for 4 days for a total of 4 weeks within the next 63 days of this treatment cycle, called consolidation. He also gets a pill form of chemo, 6MP, for 14 days, then a break for 2 weeks, back on for 14 days. He had cyclophosphamide (chemo), today and will get it again on day 28 of this cycle.

Jordan is doing amazing…up at 5:30am…got anesthesia, a spinal tap and chemo, methotrexate…then 4 hours of hydration, 2 more chemos, then 4 hours of hydration and home to bed by 7:30pm! A lot in a day for a 2 year old with no nap! Thanks for your prayers! =) The new chemos main side effects are low blood counts 1-2 weeks post treatment, naseau, appetite loss, hair loss, and bladder irritation (ie watching for blood in urine). He will be back on vincocristine and peg asparaginase between day 14 and 28. Too much info…but I thought some people are interested in his treatment road map.

Thanks for praying – don’t stop!

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