One Week Today

Today Jesse and Noah are one week old. They are doing really well and almost back up to their birth weight. They are healthy, strong, easygoing, and eating like champs. With great eating comes great… well, you know. But even though today is their one week birthday, I want to write for a moment about the real champ here. Rachel.

I can’t even begin to express how absolutely in awe I am of Rachel. I’ve always known how strong and capable she is, but the grace and power with which she carried two very large babies to term, and the resilience and perseverance that she has shown in the past week in caring for Noah and Jesse is beyond anything I could have imagined – especially after having undergone birth by caesarean. I know that I would never have been anywhere near as upbeat as she has mostly been throughout the pregnancy, the birth and the very sleepless first week of their lives. She is a miracle.

Rachel hasn’t done this alone. There are several contributing factors that have been keeping her going. First and foremost is Grandma Susan (shout out to Mrs. Hornor’s 3rd grade class at Evergreen Elementary for sharing her with us – oh and to Professor Hornor too). Twins are a lot of work and almost every task requires two people. Grandma has been there consistently to help care for the boys, but more importantly, she’s been there to take care of her baby, Rachel. Also, I’ve been reading to Rachel all of the cards, Facebook posts, blog comments, and emails that all of you have been sending. The love and support and generosity that you have shown has been sustaining to us, so keep it up.

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  1. I just want to snoggle them to pieces – they are so handsome! I’m happy to hear everyone is doing well and settling into the routine, or as routine as newborns ever are. Thank you for the updates.

  2. Wow! I’ve been reading along with your updates on and I’m speechless . . . and thrilled for you Rachel – wow, you did good dude – real good lol, I love ya 🙂

  3. Rachel definitely deserves alot of kudos but you do too David!!! I’m sure I’m speaking for Rachel as well, but she couldn’t have done it without your love and support!!! You two are both amazing and now you have amazing beautiful boys!!! How wonderful!

  4. Our Precious Rachel and David,
    You have no idea how much the birth of your sons means to me. I am in awe of God’s spectacular timing. This miracle of birth is just what I needed. All four of you have been on my heart and in so many prayers for the last nine months! Now you will truly know all the emotions and intense love your own parents have had for each of you. The picture are wonderful! The last time I saw that look on Susan’s face was when she was holding you, Rachel, sitting at the pool in Turlock, CA, giving you a bottle. As she looked into your face, the picture of her own face of love was etched forever in my heart. It is one of my most cherished memories. David, I’ve never seen you with such a completely happy face! Drink in every moment. You will anxiously watch for every step of Noah’s and Jesse’s developing personalities, and then one day you will realize you are no longer in control!! Let us know when that happens so we can laugh!! I send all my love. Can’t wait to hold them, but I’ll probably have to take Gma Susan to the floor in order to get my turn at them! Many Angels around the whole family! Auntie Annie

  5. Now I know where you got your pretty hands from, Rach. This video makes me want to say stuff like “godspeed”, even though you’re already home & safe & sound.

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