Yes – we’re pregnant

Looks to me like David jumped right into the “We’re having twins!” news, without first breaking the news that we were pregnant at all.  The truth is, I’m in a bit of shock, still…and I’m still processing it all.  But it goes something like this.

We’re having a baby.



We’re having two babies.


Really?  Twins?  OMG, are you serious?  Really?



And then follows a little bit of peace.  We’re having twins, and it’ll be great.  They’re our first, so we won’t know any different, right?  It all be business as usual for us.  People do this all the time.

And then, finally, the blessed excitement.  We’re having twins!  Two little ones coming into the world at once!  (Which means, if all goes well, maybe I’ll only have to be pregnant once.)  Two little bundles of Rachelness-combined-with-Davidness.  It’s just the coolest thing EVER!  I can’t even believe it.  We made these little growing human blobs in my belly, and I absolutely can’t wait to meet them, and hold them, and watch them learn and grow and smile and become…well…whatever it is they are meant to become.  It’s just so beautiful I can hardly stand it.

Pregnancy so far has been pretty easy, as far as I can tell.  I’ve had only mild morning sickness, and the fatigue has so far been mostly bearable.  I do try to get home from work every day at lunch to take a short nap – it helps a lot.  And on weekends, I’ve been known to sleep in quite late.  But that’s all pretty much par for the course, I hear.  AND, I get to eat like crazy.  It’s like a dream.  Full fat ice cream.  Extra helpings of mac and cheese.  Steaks whenever I want.  (And can afford.)  And no one even looks at me twice.  I mean, no one who knows I’m pregnant.

So…here we go.  Ready or not, this is gonna be the ride of our lives.

Reality Sinks In

Sure, we’re excited about having twins. I mean who wouldn’t be, right? It seems that those around us, who don’t actually have to raise them, are considerably more excited. All kinds of people are saying that they wish they could have had twins, and my niece Chagit wishes she had twin siblings—she didn’t say instead of her three sisters, but I know what she was thinking. 🙂

Susan, Rachel’s mom was so excited that she went out and bought a couple of onesies and mailed them to us. As I do with all new clothing I threw them in the wash after we gushed about how cute they are. They got mixed in with the rest of the clothing and when I pulled the load out to fold, there they were. Mindlessly, as I fold all laundry, I picked up a onesie and folded it.

Then it hit me. I’m folding baby clothing. Rachel is barely 3 months pregnant and I’m folding baby clothing. This is my future. I’m going to be folding baby, infant, toddler, child, and teen clothing for the next twenty years. Of course I’m excited!

Wait a Minute—Two of Them!?!

Rachel and I went in for our first ultrasound for the baby, and the nurse brought the image of the baby up on the screen. “Here’s the head and here’s the tail, and now I’ll measure to make sure that…” Being the smart-ass that I am, I interrupted her and said, “hey, do you mind making sure that there aren’t two in there?” “Sure,” she said and proceeded to look around. That’s when baby number 2 showed up on the screen and Rachel and I both went pale. “I was only joking!” I said. I can assure you that I had no intention on asking if there were any more. Here are the pictures:

The two of them together
We'll call this one Baby A
And this one will be Baby B

You can click on the pictures to get high resolution versions.

Both of the babies are healthy and they are the perfect size for the stage of pregnancy Rachel is in. That’s very reassuring, because we are already worried about them. How crazy, to be worried about your kids so much when they are still such tiny fetuses. I hope that I’ll be able to chill about them.


I appears that we have been delinquent in updating what’s up for some time now. For shame! Here’s what’s been happening in the past few months. Rachel has been working and I’ve been looking for work. I had an opportunity with a company out of Chicago, but that fell through, so I’m back on the prowl. I’ve been writing during this time I have and I’ve made progress on the two books I’m working on. One is nonfiction and one is the historical fiction book that I’ve been working on for 10 years.

I’ve also started up my blog again about American society at, and I’ve stared an online store for T-shirts and stuff called Our Friend John Shore, who’s written a bunch of liberal Christian books, has asked me to be a guest writer on his blog. I wrote a piece for him yesterday, and his feedback was great. It’ll be interesting to see what his readers think in the comments.

Also, Rachel’s boss and one of her clients are looking to create a technology start-up and they want to interview me to be the CEO. I don’t know what their idea is yet, or if it’s something that I want to do, but it’s a great opportunity, so I can’t wait to find out more.

Our stuff from Richmond is coming on Monday, so next week will be a busy week of getting our shit organized and cleaned up. I rented a little storage unit in the building, because I think we’re only going to unpack some of the stuff and put most of it in storage since we’re going to be moving again next summer. No point in unpacking and repacking it all so soon. We’re doing fine now without it all.

Gene Fogel

Our dear cousin Gene died last month from a heart attack. He was only 72—at least I think he was. Who could be sure when he was so secretive about it. Rachel and I both loved him a great deal and it hurts to have him gone. I only got to know Gene in 1999 when I was living in DC. We had a running joke, about how we never would have gotten close had my mom not forgotten to invite him to my first wedding. We made it up to each other at my second (and final) wedding to Rachel when he and my cousin Eileen walked me down the aisle. I joked that he was filling in as my father, and so I made a point to call him on Father’s Day ever since. He didn’t have any children of his own, although his sister Judy’s kids adored him and he loved them like they were his own.

Rachel and Gene hit it off immediately when they met and loved each other very much. We have decided that if we ever have children, that we will name a boy after Gene and make sure that he knows who he was named after — we would be thrilled if he ended up like his namesake.

I miss him so much.

If you knew Gene, please share you stories in the comments. We would love to read them.

David, Judy, and Gene in Las Vegas 2004
David, Judy, and Gene in Las Vegas 2004


David and Gene at Eileen's birthday party, 2006


David and Gene at the wedding 2006

Third Engagement Anniversary

It’s been three great years since we decided to get married, and we celebrated it by returning to the scene of the original crime event. Rachel and I went to see the Wizard of Oz on the Embarcadero at the Symphony Summer Pops series, and they played the score live while the movie was projected. On our engagement day the symphony was accompanying a series of Bugs Bunny cartoons.









David in San Diego Too

David’s in San Diego now too!!  Finally!  After celebrating an absolutely lovely Passover in Denver with Lynn, Tzvi, Stan, Bernice and clan, David and Rachel returned to San Diego together.  David has spent all his available time building IKEA furniture (finally, we have a bed!) and dealing with the bankruptcy proceedings.  But all is well, and being together makes everything better.  Rachel’s job continues to go well, and once the Ikea furniture is all built and the bankruptcy papers delivered, David is going to settle down and finish writing his book for a while.  Should be fun, and a wonderful accomplishment once he’s finished.  Woohoo!

Rachel in San Diego

David is still in Richmond, hopefully wrapping up business there so he can come back and join me in San Diego soon. We’ve been apart two weeks so far, and it’s torture. San Diego is great – the weather’s nice, my job is going well, our apartment is lovely – but it won’t be home until David is here with me permanently.

Below is a picture of the view from our apartment. That’s water way in the background – there are peekaboo views of the bay… Come visit anytime and have a glass of wine with me on the deck!

David in Richmond

Sadly, David had to leave Rachel in San Diego and go back to Richmond to finish closing down the mill. David hopes to be done with all that by the end of March and be reunited with Rachel. This means that we’re going to be spending our second wedding anniversary apart, and we’re both very sad about that, but it’ll be worth it.

In the event that we get a contract on our house in Richmond before David is ready to leave, he’ll pack up the stuff we’ve left in the house for staging it for sale (the artwork, the rest of the dishes, some of the furniture, etc.) and move it to San Diego. If not, he’ll have to go back to Richmond again when the house is under contract and do it then.