Reality Sinks In

Sure, we’re excited about having twins. I mean who wouldn’t be, right? It seems that those around us, who don’t actually have to raise them, are considerably more excited. All kinds of people are saying that they wish they could have had twins, and my niece Chagit wishes she had twin siblings—she didn’t say instead of her three sisters, but I know what she was thinking. 🙂

Susan, Rachel’s mom was so excited that she went out and bought a couple of onesies and mailed them to us. As I do with all new clothing I threw them in the wash after we gushed about how cute they are. They got mixed in with the rest of the clothing and when I pulled the load out to fold, there they were. Mindlessly, as I fold all laundry, I picked up a onesie and folded it.

Then it hit me. I’m folding baby clothing. Rachel is barely 3 months pregnant and I’m folding baby clothing. This is my future. I’m going to be folding baby, infant, toddler, child, and teen clothing for the next twenty years. Of course I’m excited!

One thought on “Reality Sinks In”

  1. Nah. By the time they’re 4 they can start folding their own laundry. If they happen to be gifted in any way relative to their physicality, they can start as early as three. If you really are the father, you might want to wait until they’re six or seven.

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