Polite Meals

I was traveling this week and got this amazing email from David one night, which absolutely made my day, week, and month. Some very useful tips here.

And really, how awesome are my 3 boys?!?

Here is the email I received:

The boys and I made this list over dinner on what makes a polite meal. We can remind each other of this while we practice polite eating. Most of these were suggested by the boys, so they know what to do.

Polite Meals

Eat nicely
Use your utensils
Don’t swing your arms around
Sit up straight
No fighting
Share news about the day
Don’t stare at someone while they’re chewing
Use your napkin
Don’t play with your food
Don’t get up before you’re excused
Listen when someone is talking to you
Wash your hands after you eat
Don’t eat other people’s food
Don’t talk while you’re chewing
Don’t chew with your mouth open

No photos of kids here

This last weekend, David and I got a little vacation time away, with no kids.  It felt like we had to move heaven and earth to make it happen, what with arranging childcare, signing powers of attorney, getting everything squared away at work so we could be off the grid, getting packed and ready.  But, boy, was it worth it.  And we were truly off the grid!  David planned the whole thing (as a surprise) for our wedding anniversary.  4 years, baby, yeah!  And what a gift it was.  He took me on a cruise.  Where the boat went is not important (Ensenada, Mexico).  How long we got to be on the boat is only a little important (3 nights away from the babies – truly bittersweet).  What we got to do on the boat is extremely important (nothing! and more nothing!).  Our whole objective for the weekend was to truly relax, and with no babies in tow, to sleep.  And we did.  A lot of relaxing, a lot of sleeping, a lot of reading and resting and talking.  We ate and drank, and then ate some more.  (I did manage to get a nice long run in to burn some of those calories, thankfully.)  On Sunday, after my massage, we walked off the boat into Ensenada and got some delicious fish tacos from a street vendor.  And then we promptly returned to the boat and sat in the hot tub.  It was so delightfully lovely, relaxing, and wonderful, I just can’t even tell you…

But we couldn’t have done it without help.  So, to Mimi Susan, Kelly Collins, Megan Moltzner, and Stephanie Burnett – THANK YOU.  Thank you for sacrificing your time, energy, and money to be there for us, taking such good care of our children while we sunned ourselves and sipped cocktails.  Thank you for feeding them, bathing them, and watching over them as they napped so that we could nap more soundly.  We really needed it, and we’re very grateful.

Getting ready to leave port, and the fun has already begun!

Enjoying Ensenada