At Home

We made it home yesterday after an eventful departure from the hospital (as you already saw). Today was a big day for all of us. Jesse and Noah both had their first bath (excluding the one right after birth), we had to figure out the whole feeding thing again, the boys got some sun on our front deck, and everyone got to nap. Okay, so maybe it wasn’t that big a day, but it sure seemed like it while it was happening.

The main event, as I’m sure all of you are just dying to know, is that Jesse finally pooped after not pooping for three days. Considering that he’s only been around for four days, that means that for 75% of his life he was poopless. Not a good thing. However, once the floodgates were opened, he was all about it and pooped twice more making up for lost time. As you can imagine, Rachel and I are very proud.

Here are some photos from when we came home. Click on the images for larger views.