St. Patrick’s Day Ultrasound

He looks like his father
He looks like his father

Yesterday, David and I went to our 3rd ultrasound. It’ll probably be the last one until I arrive at the hospital for delivery. Here are the stats:

Baby A – measuring approximately 4 lbs 10 oz.
Baby B – measuring approximately 5 lbs 1 oz.

They are both right on track at 34 weeks in terms of growth – I am 34 weeks pregnant as of today. And they are symmetrical – both about the same size, which is good. So…all is well. And I’m carrying around two 5-pounders! No wonder I’m so enormous and tired and hungry all the time.

We got a good little profile picture of Baby B…he has David’s nose.

The Fighting Begins

Rachel and I went in for a second ultrasound this past week to see how the Aliens were doing at 13 weeks. The contrast in these pictures isn’t as good as the first set, but if you look really closely, squint, and cock your head you can see that instead of blobs, they are now formed humanoids with arms and legs (click the photos to get bigger versions). The other interesting thing was how much they were moving—which made it a lot easier to see their forms and even faces.

Baby A was squirming and jabbing and being an all-around bully, while Baby B looked to be trying to get out of the way as much as possible and retreated all the way to the right. I’m not sure who started it, but from what was happening when we stepped in to break it up, Baby A is now grounded.


Baby A is Upside Down
Baby A is upside down
Baby B is right side up and as far away from Baby A as possible
Baby B is right side up and as far away from Baby A as possible
Here they are together, although you can only see Baby A's head
Here they are together, although you can only see Baby A's head on the left

Wait a Minute—Two of Them!?!

Rachel and I went in for our first ultrasound for the baby, and the nurse brought the image of the baby up on the screen. “Here’s the head and here’s the tail, and now I’ll measure to make sure that…” Being the smart-ass that I am, I interrupted her and said, “hey, do you mind making sure that there aren’t two in there?” “Sure,” she said and proceeded to look around. That’s when baby number 2 showed up on the screen and Rachel and I both went pale. “I was only joking!” I said. I can assure you that I had no intention on asking if there were any more. Here are the pictures:

The two of them together
We'll call this one Baby A
And this one will be Baby B

You can click on the pictures to get high resolution versions.

Both of the babies are healthy and they are the perfect size for the stage of pregnancy Rachel is in. That’s very reassuring, because we are already worried about them. How crazy, to be worried about your kids so much when they are still such tiny fetuses. I hope that I’ll be able to chill about them.