It’s been a while

Sincere apologies to those of who come back to this blog often in hopes of something new, and have been disappointed.  David pointed out to me last night that it’s been a month since we last posted.  Sorry about that.  It has truly been a busy time, and I hope you’ll forgive us.  Please enjoy the following updates.  I’ve included lots of photos.

We haven’t heard anything recently about Jordan.  My brother reported a week or so ago that the Shahbaz family is keeping on keepin’ on, adjusting to their new normal.  And at this point, no news is good news.  Please continue to keep them in your thoughts and prayers.  Jordan’s treatment is far from complete…

We had a beautiful holiday season with friends and family, capped off by a New Year’s Day wedding on the beach here in San Diego.  My sister Gwen married her sweetheart David Vigil in an intimate ceremony followed by a fun family dinner.  The festivities were graced by, quite possibly, the most beautiful sunset I have ever seen.  We wish Gwen and David all the very best, and eternal marital bliss.

Mr. and Mrs. Gwen and David Vigil
A kiss at sunset

Meanwhile, our boys have gotten bigger, more mobile, and ever more interesting.  It’s so fun to watch them develop into little people.  They have started expressing preferences about food and toys and when they want to be left alone and when they want to be picked up.  They now give us kisses – the open-mouthed slobbery kind.  They love to stand on their legs, supported, of course, and Jesse has started cruising a bit.  Jesse has also almost mastered crawling.  Noah could if he wanted to, but he just doesn’t seem interested.  I think he much prefers it when other people do his bidding and he doesn’t have to expend any effort.  Which is how I know he’s his father’s son.  Both Noah and Jesse talk a lot, and the sounds change all the time.  Currently, they are into “Da – da – da – da – da.”  I don’t think it’s intentional, especially because in our house, David goes by “Abba.”  But it’s adorable.  Oh, and, did I mention BIG?  David weighed them the other day — Noah was 25 pounds, and Jesse was 24.  These are unscientific figures, but still!  They’ll be 9 months next week, and they are outgrowing their 12-month clothing.  I’m not complaining though, because they are making my arms really buff.

San Diego in the wintertime - life is hard.
With cousin Nadia the day after Gwen's wedding - and Jesse guilty of trying to steal Nadia's pacifier.
First time sitting up in the Costco cart
Oh, circles of neglect - we bless thee.
Hi mama!
May I help you?
Play time - Jesse likes to roll around and try to knock Noah over.

Happy New Year everyone!  Much love to all.

3rd Anniversary

When we were young and in love
When we were young and in love

Today, March 19, 2009, David and I celebrate 3 years married.  People keep saying that it’s our last anniversary sans children, but if you’ve seen my belly lately, you know that’s not true.  LAST YEAR’s was our last anniversary sans children.  It’s not like we can go out and party now.  We’ll have more fun next year when we can get a babysitter and TRULY be sans kids, at least for one night.  Tonight, we are celebrating in a mellow way, staying in.  My friend Amy is visiting from Seattle, and she’s cooking us dinner, which is AWESOME.

A quick note on 3 years…they’ve been full, exciting, and even with all the hard times, the best years ever.  I won’t take too much time to get all mushy here, but being married – to David, specifically – is truly the best thing in the whole world, the best thing in my life, the best…ever.  We are truly lucky and blessed to have found each other.

Love you the most, Barach.