Yes – we’re pregnant

Looks to me like David jumped right into the “We’re having twins!” news, without first breaking the news that we were pregnant at all.  The truth is, I’m in a bit of shock, still…and I’m still processing it all.  But it goes something like this.

We’re having a baby.



We’re having two babies.


Really?  Twins?  OMG, are you serious?  Really?



And then follows a little bit of peace.  We’re having twins, and it’ll be great.  They’re our first, so we won’t know any different, right?  It all be business as usual for us.  People do this all the time.

And then, finally, the blessed excitement.  We’re having twins!  Two little ones coming into the world at once!  (Which means, if all goes well, maybe I’ll only have to be pregnant once.)  Two little bundles of Rachelness-combined-with-Davidness.  It’s just the coolest thing EVER!  I can’t even believe it.  We made these little growing human blobs in my belly, and I absolutely can’t wait to meet them, and hold them, and watch them learn and grow and smile and become…well…whatever it is they are meant to become.  It’s just so beautiful I can hardly stand it.

Pregnancy so far has been pretty easy, as far as I can tell.  I’ve had only mild morning sickness, and the fatigue has so far been mostly bearable.  I do try to get home from work every day at lunch to take a short nap – it helps a lot.  And on weekends, I’ve been known to sleep in quite late.  But that’s all pretty much par for the course, I hear.  AND, I get to eat like crazy.  It’s like a dream.  Full fat ice cream.  Extra helpings of mac and cheese.  Steaks whenever I want.  (And can afford.)  And no one even looks at me twice.  I mean, no one who knows I’m pregnant.

So…here we go.  Ready or not, this is gonna be the ride of our lives.

8 thoughts on “Yes – we’re pregnant”

  1. Sounds like someone might need a ‘Homemade Baby Food’ lesson, eh? gogo to the rescue! Can’t wait to come down & celebrate with gin. Oh – juice. I mean, juice. Right.

  2. Double congradulations! and happiness and health. Now we will have all the more reason to finally fulfill our promise and come visit! Love from us all.

  3. The whole thing is totally exciting..Finally David will have an excuse to make dorky faces…:)Oh and Rachel don`t believe what they say you don`t want to be eating for two I mean three……

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