David in San Diego Too

David’s in San Diego now too!!  Finally!  After celebrating an absolutely lovely Passover in Denver with Lynn, Tzvi, Stan, Bernice and clan, David and Rachel returned to San Diego together.  David has spent all his available time building IKEA furniture (finally, we have a bed!) and dealing with the bankruptcy proceedings.  But all is well, and being together makes everything better.  Rachel’s job continues to go well, and once the Ikea furniture is all built and the bankruptcy papers delivered, David is going to settle down and finish writing his book for a while.  Should be fun, and a wonderful accomplishment once he’s finished.  Woohoo!

We’ve Arrived

We’ve moved into our apartment in San Diego and bought a few things at IKEA to tide us over until I move the rest of what we’re moving from Richmond. The apartment is great, it’s right downtown on the corner of Fifth and Broadway, and we have a great big deck for grilling and chilling. The view from our deck is amazing, we can see all of downtown, Petco Park (the baseball stadium), the bay, the ocean, the mountains, and the Mexican Coronado Islands. It’s not quite home yet, but it’s getting there.