Belly shots and final stats

So – tomorrow is the big day.  Babies – meet world.  World – meet babies.  Let’s look back at the last 9 months, and then review some important pregnancy-related stats and details.

And now, for some important facts and figures…

Estimated date of conception:  August 6, 2008
Doctor’s official due date:  April 30, 2009
Date of scheduled C-section:  April 23, 2009
Number of babies made:  2
Weeks pregnant at delivery:  39
Final belly circumference – no joke:  54 inches
Total weight gained:  73 pounds
Approximate number of doctor’s appointments prior to surgery:  14
Number of ultrasounds prior to surgery:  3
Number of half-marathons run while pregnant:  1

It’s been a ride.  I couldn’t have asked for a smoother pregnancy.  We are blessed that all of us have been so healthy throughout.  I can’t say I enjoyed being pregnant…I’m definitely looking forward to being done.  But I’m proud of the boys for hanging in there for the duration.  Now begins the fun part, right?

David will update the blog tomorrow with pictures and details, once we have them.  Surgery is scheduled for 3 pm Pacific – we welcome your thoughts and prayers!

The Last Week as A Couple

At this time next week we will be at Sharp Mary Birch Hospital for the scheduled caesarean unless the babies decide otherwise which is not likely – these babies have shown no indication that they have any intention of making a move on their own. Rachel hasn’t felt any Braxton Hicks contractions, or had any other signs of impending doom labor. Nope, they seem content to hang out in the womb, kick back and chill. And there has been plenty of kicking.

That means that this is the last week of (mostly) uninterrupted sleep that we will have for a very long time. It’s also the last week in which we will have any leisure time. It’s the end of our two person family which we were very good at, and the beginning of our four person family of which I know nothing.

We’re both looking forward to the new configuration of our family, but before that happens I thought it important to reflect on all of the good that we’ve had together so far, and take time to enjoy this last week we have together as just us.

The Jitters

People have been asking me if we’re all ready for the babies to come next Thursday (or sooner) and my answer has been that I’m nervous and apprehensive about them invading our lives. The attempted reassurance (not that it isn’t appreciated) has mostly been along the lines of, “don’t worry, you’ll be a great father to those boys.” Well sure, I know that! I’m not worried about Rachel’s or my ability to do our part. We’re not the problem, they are. Babies are just so unreliable! How hard are they going to make it for us? Are they going to get sick all the time? Be colicky? Will they sleep and be calm, or little terrors?

Here’s the thing about being ready: we have just about all of the material things that are needed to care for the babies, but are we really ready? I mean can we really know what this is going to be like for us?

HUGE Thanks

WOW! We can’t believe how generous our family and friends have been. For the past few weeks you’ve all been sending us package after package loaded with clothing, hand-me downs (big fan), a stroller, high chairs, and lots of everyday essentials including the less than glamorous poop pail, aka Diaper Caddie. Rachel and I are overwhelmed by your generosity and love.

We are now officially ready for these babies to be born. Okay, that’s not true at all. We’re officially equipped with what we need to care for the babies once they are born. We have all of the clothing we need for the first year and the items left on the Amazon baby registry are in the “nice to have” category. My family in Israel is planning on getting us the car seats.

With everything that you’ve done for Baby A and Baby B, I’m beginning to wonder if you might not love them more than I do. Hmmm.

April 23

April 23.  It is the birthday of William Penn, Will Shakespeare, Shirley Temple, Lee Majors, and my mother, among others.  In 1851, it is the date that Canada issued their first postage stamps.  In 1939, it is the day that Ted Williams (of the Red Sox of Boston) hit his first home run.  It will now additionally forever provide the calendar home for another day of significance:  the birth of our twins.  My OBGYN has scheduled our babies to be delivered by C-section on Thursday, April 23, 2009, and provided I don’t go into labor before then, thereby preempting the reservation, Grandma Hornor will get to share her birthday with Baby A and Baby B Barach.  20 days.  And counting.  We’ll keep you all posted.

Official Due Date

Lots of people have been asking, so a quick post about when I’m due…

My official due date (40 weeks from LMP for those counting) is April 30 or April 28, depending on if you’re asking the doctor or me.  (I’m pretty sure I know when they were conceived…and if I’m right, it’s April 28.  But 2 days diff…who cares?!)  I’m 35 weeks pregnant this week.  So technically, I still have 5 weeks to go.

But twins typically come early.  I read somewhere that twins are considered full term at 37 weeks.  So, really, the babies could come any time.  I’d like them to stay baking a little bit longer…but I’m also so huge and uncomfortable…

Bottom line, we’re hanging in there as long as we possibly can, and we’ll keep you all posted.  But don’t worry if we haven’t announced babies before the middle or end of April.  It just means we’re REALLY hanging in there…

St. Patrick’s Day Ultrasound

He looks like his father
He looks like his father

Yesterday, David and I went to our 3rd ultrasound. It’ll probably be the last one until I arrive at the hospital for delivery. Here are the stats:

Baby A – measuring approximately 4 lbs 10 oz.
Baby B – measuring approximately 5 lbs 1 oz.

They are both right on track at 34 weeks in terms of growth – I am 34 weeks pregnant as of today. And they are symmetrical – both about the same size, which is good. So…all is well. And I’m carrying around two 5-pounders! No wonder I’m so enormous and tired and hungry all the time.

We got a good little profile picture of Baby B…he has David’s nose.